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Learnify (Learn Languages Free): Ultimate Language Learning Application

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Application Description

Learnify is a language learning application in which you can use to learn English language, Spanish to English, French, Germany, Chinese, Japanese & more languages, and any other skills by Playing and having fun!

★ Learn Anytime, Anywhere, Anything!
★ Most Effective Language Learning App Free!
★ Study Smarter: Not Longer!
★ Be Amazed of Your Progress in Learning!
★ Totally fun and free!

Awards and Achievements

    • Featured as “Best Language Learning Application” several times in Cafebazaar Market
      • Rated as one of the best language learning apps from by the users!
        • Nominated as “Best Language Learning App” in Iran!

        Main Features

        • Ease of use: Learn Anytime, Anywhere, Anything!
        • Fun: Forget about boring & inefficient language learning tools, heavy books of vocabularies & grammars! Have Fun while Learning Languages like kids!
        • Smart Learning: Review more things you know less & less things you know more!
        • Multi Sense Engagement: Add/Edit rich media Image, Audio, etc. of any learning cards to improve comprehensions!
        • Auto Pronunciation: Use either Human Voice or Machine Voice to improve listening skills!
        • Immediate Feedback: You get immediate feedback about your progress!
        • Chunking: Divide your learning into tiny pieces to learn easier!
        • Scientifically Proven: Our users can recall 80% of what they learn!
        • No Technical Knowledge Needed: Play and Learn!
        • Customizable: Customize based on your learning habits!
        • Rich Database of Languages: Learn English, Spanish, France, Japanese, Germany, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Finnish, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, and more to come!
        • Smart Reminders: Review at critical forgetting times!
        • Learn any Skills: Add and learn anything such as music, terms, formulas, quotes, math, physics, you name it!
        • Exam Simulation: Make self-exams and compare your results!
        • Diverse Questions Types: Simple Question & Answers, Multiple choices (2 & 4), True/False, and more!
        • Smart Widget: User smart widget for ease of access!
        • Import from Excel: Create bunch of cards at once in Excel & import to the Mighty Learner!
        • Many more…

        Attractive Themes!

        Beautiful and eye-catching themes!

        Smart Widget

        With smart widget for ease of access and to save time!

        Use Rich Media!

        Use images, voice, etc. to help you learn better!

        Media Kit

        Download Now

        Out Now On Following Platform:

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