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Clash of Warriors: 9 Legends Official Page

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Clash of Warriors: Game Description

In this clash game, you will customize your own mysterious Kingdom in the age of Persian Empire. The Clash of Warriors offer over +250 amazing cards ranging from Unbeatable Warriors and Legends, Epic Creatures (Beasts, Knights, Monsters, …), Exotic Heroes, to Spells and Dark Magic, and Ancient Myths you cannot find in any other game! The “Clash of Warriors; 9 Legends”, a wonderful card game, has been published in collaboration with Avid Studio.

Awards and Achievements

    • Clash of Warriors: 9 Legends is Among Top Strategy-Card Games!

    • Winner of Best Strategy Game Award in 5th Game Festival 2015!

    • Winner of Glory Technology Award in 5th Game Festival 2015!

    • Over 250 Remarkable Legendary Cards!

    • Beat Players From All Over The World!


      Main Features

        • Three Exiting Game Modes: Adventurous Battles, Online Battles, and Tournaments!

        • Real-time, Multiplayer Strategy game with amazing legendary storyline!

        •  Join the Prince of Persia in “Adventurous Battles” and unchain great Heroes in Persian Empire!

        •  Clash warriors or opponents from around the world in breathtaking “Online Battles”!

        •  Dare your friends, Gather your Warriors, and Experience rare “8-Player Tournaments”!

        •  Experience over +200 Remarkable Magical Cards!

        •  Discover an epic first-class strategy game in stunning HD graphics!

        •  Customize your ultimate empire by collecting unique cards, expanding your territory to bewitched lands, and gathering your own ARMY of Heroes and Legends!

        •  Monthly and Special Events for extra challenges, amazing prizes, and options for joining different Championship Leagues.

        •  Play on mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

        Variety of Fighting Scenes

        Explore the Ancient Persian Empire!

        Discover ancient Persian Empire in Adventure mode of the game!

        Different Type of Cards for Intense Strategy!

        The game has variety of cards such as defensive, invasion, hidden, magical and ….!

        Heroic Battles!

        Advanced players can join 8-Player Tournaments for extra FUN!

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