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We have published our new game titled “3D Ball Games” on Google Play. This fun puzzle game is best free 3D puzzle game apps for android in Google Play Store.
3D Ball Games screenshot 5

3D Ball Games screenshot

THE #3D_Ball_Games is a free and addictive puzzle game based on a unique puzzle concept, which while simple it is at the same time infinitely challenging. Ideal for all ages ranging from kids (boys and girls) to adults. Challenge your minds, friends, and family members. Are you ready?! Start level one, and increase your skills gradually. You will enjoy spending long hours of puzzling and having fun! The objective is to solve puzzles with 3D balls in 3D fields. Each puzzle level is depicted as a field composing several balls that are scattered in different places in the field. The balls and fields range from football, basketball, and you name it! Each level is solved by planning, and simply swiping strategically the balls one at a time, and see how they shoot other balls out of the field’s edges. You can turn around, move up and downwards and any direction in 3D form by holding any part of the screen during the game. The shooting of balls continues until only one is left! Here are few fun features of the Ball Games on Android: • High quality graphics and 3D gameplay: High quality 3D graphics and effects, makes the game even more fun and addictive. You will lose the time! • Simple tutorial – you’ll be solving your first puzzles within seconds of downloading! • HINTs and UNDOs are always possible when you need them to solve the puzzles. • International scoreboard: compete with against millions of players over the globe. • Automatic saving of games: always come back to the game right where you left it! • Theme Selection: by collecting more points or using real money you can buy various balls and/or fields based on your desire. • Different pointing for each type of fields and balls. • Mega CHALLENGE: If you solve 5 puzzles without any hint, you will get mega challenge puzzle and get extra points! Presented to you by TopsLiked Publishing and Memory Makers. Have fun, challenge yourself and friends, and enjoy the free game! Useful Links: Company Website: http://www.topsliked.com/portfolio/3d-ball-games Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/topsliked