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Battlefish TD Game

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Game Description

Battlefish TD is an award  winning strategic game which has won several game awards. In this game you will be equipped with diverse and cute weapons, warheads, and equipment to defend mysterious fish zombies and fish monsters of the world of underwater! The army of fish zombies and sea monsters have occupied 4 realms of the game. Your goal is to free each realm, and defeat all the sea zombies and sea monsters including the last one, the Fish Giants in Boss Fights, which are the most powerful of them all. be careful, FISH ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!

Awards and Achievements

    ★ Winner of Best Game Award in 5th Game Festival, Tehran
    ★ Winner of Best Game of the Year in 4th Game Festival, Tehran
    ★ Featured in Cafebazaar Android Store
    ★ Among Top Strategy-Tower Defense Games!

    Main Features

    • <b>+25 battlefields</b> and maps with gorgeous graphics!
    • Lots of cute, but mad fish enemies, fish monsters, and fish zombies!
    • Wonderful 4 main weapons, upgradable to 8 new powerful weapons you have never seen before!
    • Lots of cool equipment that you will unlock as you play!
    • Helicopter support for deadly battlefish!
    • Three game play modes with +200 challenging missions and levels!
    • Missions include: Missions Levels, Special Levels, Operation Levels, & Endless Levels!
    • +25 “Endless Missions” for beating other’s records!
    • Offline and Online daily and weekly leagues!
    • Amazing Laboratory to build extraordinary weapons!
    • Lots of free rewards and achievements to be unlocked!
    • Fantasy and original music and audio affects!
    • Many things you must see and experience yourself!
    • Small size: the game is only ~50MB.

    Battle Fish Zombies!

    Battle with Army of Fish Zombies & Monsters!

    Advanced Weapons

    Fantasy Modern Weapons and Equipment to Battelfish!

    Challenging Maps!

    +25 various maps with over 200 levels and different challenges!
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    Out Now On Following Platform:

    Get it on Google Play

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